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Current Projects...

Breathing Bracelet Satellite Volunteer Opportunities  

Farmers Insurance

9 person group ~108 bracelets

39 person group ~ 615 bracelets

18 person group ~204 bracelets


50 person group ~ 600 bracelets

 Folsom Community Service Day 2020 


 September 19 we created 3,000 Breathing Bracelets with 200 volunteers in 3 hours!

The Inner Athlete Foundation recently hosted a Zoom call to teach 200 volunteers the steps to make our bracelet design remotely. Now that the kits are returned, we will be focused on giving a portion of them away in local senior homes, public schools, police stations, fire departments, and paramedic personnel.


Conscious breathing is proven to be the most immediate and powerful activity to manage your stress response. We are confident our tools will be effective at teaching this skill to the people who need it most


Please click on the BECOME A PATRON tab to make a donation to support our efforts! 

Inner Athlete Foundation Community Funded Education

It is clear we cannot rely exclusively on our formal education and governmental systems to teach us everything we need to know about successful human living. But who do you see teaching these fundamental life skills?


This project is seeking to leverage the power of a network to provide free holistic education to our community. At the Inner Athlete Foundation we have identified four key areas of instruction which people can benefit from learning... 


Rhythmic Breathing

 Mindful Movement

Healthy Creative Cooking 

Spontaneous Music Making

We have hours of workshop content to teach and practice the life skills described above. These 1-2 hour workshops have already been held in schools, hospitals, corporate offices, even private instruction in peoples homes.  


As a goal, we are seeking 2,000 people to set up a small recurring monthly donation on our website. If patrons can contribute an amount that does not break the bank, we can establish a strong foundation to offer these classes free for years to come. We are always welcome to one time contributions, but our primary goal is to build a community of supporters!

This is a different business model than the traditional "pay for service".  Instead we seek to inspire our community to support our organization with small monthly contributions because our patrons know we are using those funds to better our community in a variety of ways.  They can see the work we do by looking at our website and social media, or even volunteering alongside us!  


The sad truth is, most people do not know they NEED to be practicing what we teach.......not because we think they should listen to us, but because their physical and mental health depends on it! 


We hope the heart of our mission has become clear to you and you see the value in contributing towards our success.  Click the BECOME A PATRON tab above to become a supporter of Community Funded Education so we can equip people with the right skills for the game of life!