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Breathing Beads are hand crafted stress management tools worn around the wrist, neck, or kept in a pocket which connect the user directly to their life source, their breath. While we obviously do not need beads to breathe, the 16 beads on each bracelet serve as a guide for your fingers to move through 16 breaths. This simple 1-2 minute exercise can do wonders for regulating your body and mind, a truth best experienced in person rather than read on a website.... 



Hold the clasp between your index finger and thumb. Exhale completely.


Grab the first bead. Inhale fully. Breathe into your lower belly filling up through your chest. Exhale.


Grab the next bead. Inhale fully. Exhale. Repeat this process for every bead.


Returning to the clasp, inhale and hold your breath for a moment. Relax. Exhale slowly and completely.


Assess the clarity  of your mind. Complete as many rounds as needed to feel your best!


"Breathing bracelets are an effective, natural way to calm your nerves before a big speech, big game, or anytime you’re feeling anxious. They’re especially good for kids and self-conscious teens because they are inconspicuous and look like a normal piece of jewelry. Wear it on your wrist, or just hold it in your hand like I do, and feel your breathing and heart rate slow with every bead you touch." - Sarah Cox Aquino, City of Folsom Mayor


"My name is Paula and I learned about Preston's breathing beads a year ago. I suffer from migraine accompanied by aura and nausea. Whenever I feel a migraine coming on I use the beads to help concentrate and count my breaths. It has eliminated the nausea and I believe has shortened the time and intensity of my migraines as well. I highly recommend using them!" - Paula Newton

"My friend Preston showed me how to make a breathing bracelet with wood beads and hemp twine. It is great for setting the pace of breath for meditation. Even in moments throughout the day I’ll reach down and spin it a little and it calms me down, reminding  me of good times down in SacTown. Thanks brudda!" - Matt Digriz


“I purchased several bracelets to give to family members that suffer from debilitating anxiety. Medication is a bandaid, but the ability to teach breathing techniques to combat anxiety attacks have proven to minimize the need for constant meds.” - Taryn Grows

"I used to have high blood pressure and was on blood pressure medicine. But after a month of using the breathing beads my blood pressure is back to normal and I no longer take any medication." - Cheryl Iannarelli




Everyone can benefit from taking deeper breaths on a more frequent basis.  Ample research has been done to prove this, and intuitively we know when we need to calm down we need to take a few deep breaths. It is the most direct way to communicate with your body, with significant changes occurring in as little as 2 minutes of sustained, rhythmic, consciously connected breathing. Our beads give you the map, all you need to do is follow along!





Breathing Beads can be used in a wide range of applications:

Cost effective stress management device for employees           


Students to help cope with the rigors of academia


Medical patients (and families) coping with the stress and pain of their upcoming or recent surgery

The Inner Athlete Foundation has helped people find peace in all of these situations. 


We are confident we can help you as well!

Breathing Beads have been made for:


Mercy San Juan Oncology Department 150+


Mercy Folsom Cancer Support Groups 50+

Revolutions Naturopathic Doctors 25+


Theodore Judah Elementary 30+ 


Sutter Middle School  30+  


Vista Del Lago High School 20+


Contact us to book a future event! 

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