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We all know deep rhythmic breathing is beneficial for our body and mind.


Yet if I asked you to take 100 breaths...


 Could you keep your focus?


Breathing Beats were produced by the Inner Athlete Foundation to help you stay focused. They skillfully guide you through minutes of breathing exercises with minimal effort, making the task of oxygenating your cells fun and easy!

The easiest way to use Breathing Beats is by counting 1...2...3...4... in your head, beginning your inhales and exhales on the 1...


Listen and breathe along to one song. One song is enough to feel the power available to us "right under our noses". As the song develops you need to keep your focus and rhythm, even when the beat begins to become complex or lyrics begin to play! 


When the song ends, inhale deep and hold your breath. Quietly observe yourself, comparing your mental state to how you felt before the song. With practice, Breathing Beats can become a valuable tool for you to increase your vitality and clarity of mind, anytime, anywhere! 


Breathing Beats are best experienced while sitting, lying down, or walking alone or with friends who are also breathing along to the song. They are best appreciated without distractions such as driving or talking with friends as your whole attention will be focused on breathing to the beat!  Please do not drive or operate machinery until you have tried a few songs and know your oxygen limit!


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